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R&F Handmade Paints Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

In 1988, Richard Frumess, founder of R&F, started the business in the basement studio he rented in Brooklyn, NY. His interest in encaustic painting as an artist, and the lack of a significant source for quality encaustic supplies, led him on a path that eventually developed into what is now R&F Handmade Paints.

For R&F’s first 2 years, Richard focused on being an encaustic paint manufacturer. In 1990 artist and Williamsburg Paint manufacturer Carl Plansky, a close friend of Richard’s, suggested R&F start making an oil stick. Carl felt that the natural synergy between wax/resin materials used in encaustic and the wax/oil materials needed for the oil sticks seemed like the natural step to take.

In 1990, R&F Pigment Sticks® were born.

R&F Handmade Paints takes pride in manufacturing these 2 distinctive yet similarly milled products. Artists’ interest in both Encaustic Paint and Pigment Sticks® has grown steadily over the years….30 to be exact. Under the leadership of Darin Seim, R&F’s President and a truly dedicated staff, R&F is confident that the trend will continue for many years to come.

Coloring to a New Level: Daniel Smith Watercolor Dot Cards!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

238 WC Dot Card, adjusted

As you know, Coloring Books are very popular with customers right now! One way you can help your customers buying coloring books and add-on sales, is by suggesting the DANIEL SMITH 238 and 66 Watercolor Dot Cards.

238 WC Dot Chart, Peacock Coloring Book, 8320

The Watercolor Dot Cards give customers the creative opportunity to paint their coloring books with many beautiful DANIEL SMITH Watercolors – colors that are rich and vibrant, and will make their experience even more fun! With so many colors to choose from, your customers will be able to express themselves so many more ways than with a set of colored pencils or a couple tubes of watercolor. Your customers will be able to paint with the beautiful yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, violets, blues, greens, earth colors, grays and blacks, as well as the Luminescent Watercolors which will give a special sparkle or shine to your customers completed Coloring Book page!

Ultramarine Blue dot, 238 resized

It’s easy to use the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Dot Cards, simply wet a watercolor brush with water, touch the dot of watercolor to release the beautiful paint color and paint the desired section in the Coloring Book! Not only can you paint a small section a color, you can glaze over it with a darker version of the color or another transparent color giving richer and different effects to the Coloring Book Artwork.

Quinacridone Coral WC Dot, 238

Each Dot of Watercolor is labeled with important color information for easy reference:

  • Series number and SKU number.
  • That particular colors lightfastness, staining/non-staining, granulation and transparency.

There are two different DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Dot Cards to choose from, the 238 and the 66 Watercolor Dot Cards.

66 WC Dot Chart, Flower Coloring Book, 8258, 1

The 238 Watercolor Dot Card, MSRP $36.58, features:

  • 32 PrimaTek Watercolors which DANIEL SMITH makes from minerals
  • 12 Quinacridone watercolors
  • All 6 DANIEL SMITH Cadmium Hues
  • 48 colors from the Luminescent collection; 20 Iridescent, 7 Interference, 19 Duochrome, Pearlescent Shimmer and Pearlescent White
  • Plus, 135 more DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors

66 WC Dot Chart, Carousel Horse Coloring Book, 8197

The 66 Watercolor Dot Card, MSRP $7.48, features:

  • 24 PrimaTeks Watercolors which DANIEL SMITH makes from minerals
  • All 13 Quinacridone colors
  • All 6 Cadmiums Hues
  • 18 colors from the Luminescents Collection; 6 Iridescent, 6 Interference, 4 Duochrome and, Pearlescent Shimmer and Pearlescent White.
  • And 5 more DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors.

You may want to merchandise some DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Dot Cards in your Coloring Book section to make it easier for customers to find them, and be sure to let your sales staff know about the Watercolor Dot Cards and how they work, so that they can suggest them to their customers shopping for Coloring Books.

Not only will you help your customers have more fun with their Coloring Books, once your customers have the experience of the vivid and exciting DANIEL SMITH Watercolors on the Watercolor Dot Cards, they may become your watercolor customers too!

Industry News

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

RyanMacPherson’s is proud to announce the promotion of Ryan Ong to Vice President of Operations. During his 12 year tenure at MacPherson’s Ryan has taken on increasing roles of responsibility including the successful consolidation of our Elgin distribution facility and relocation of operations in Suwanee into our new, larger home.

GeraldIt is believed that Canson USA has picked Gerard O’Mahony to be their new CEO. Previously he was Commercial Director – Hamelin Brands Limited based in Cambridge, England.

Central Florida Office Plus (CFOP) in Gainesville, Florida announced plans to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and will be closing for good on June 28th.

Word Famous Surfboard Artist Drew Brophy has just test driven Montana Cans. Drew has been a professional surf lifestyle artist for over 25 years, and is an avid big wave surfer and world traveler. Drew recently got his hands on some Montana Cans and ACRYLIC markers to create this amazing piece titled “Nelscott Reef” – a spot in Lincoln City, Oregon where Drew actually surfed 30 foot waves. Drew was in Hamburg, Germany on June 19th at the Globetrotter Store, doing a live “Green Graffiti” mural. For more on Drew, check him out at Drew!

 Drew Brophy painting Nelscott painting with  Montana Cans paint pensNelscott-Reef-painting-by-Drew-Brophy June 2014

Flax Art Supply Stores has their very own Wikipedia page that tells a compeling story of the making of an iconic and enduring family business. Read the whole store here:  Flax Art Supply Stores


arch3-400x602San Francisco art supply store ARCH is in the local news. KQED radio reported recently that their landlord has served them with an eviction notice after 13 years in their Potrero Hill neighborhood effective this summer. Arch’s owner, Susie Colliver, says that plans are underway to find a new location and make a smooth transition for their staff and customers.

Alvin Shoham, 88 years of age, of Bloomfield, CN, died Monday, June 9, 2014 at home with his family at his bedside. He was the founder of Alvin & Co. in Windsor, importer of drafting, engineering and graphic art supplies.

For 100 years of service to the Village community, New York Central Art Supply will be recognized with a 2014 Village Award by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. This year’s Village Awards were presented as part of GVSHP’s Annual Meeting on Monday, June 16th.


Google’s Cultural Institute has launched Street Art, an online depository of over 5000 graffiti images from around the world as part of its Google Art Project. Check it out here:  Google Street Art Project

Steve Kenney of Artist & Craftsman provided this very cool video link to the painting of a mural on their new Los Angeles store by the noted Urban Artists, SABER & ZES

michaels-new-logoMarket Watch reports that Michaels Companies Inc. said it expects to raise up to $527.8 million in its initial public offering, as it disclosed additional details of the planned listing. In a regulatory filing, the arts and crafts retailer said it plans to offer 27.8 million shares priced between $17 and $19 each. Shares are expected to list on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol MIK.

MacPherson’s 2014 Dealer Workshop

Thursday, April 24th, 2014


Our Purchasing and Creative teams are gearing up for another fun-filled and educational Dealer Workshop. The event will be held at the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina on Wednesday, June 11th and Thursday, June 12th. We’ll also have a handful of demos on Tuesday afternoon.

Think you’d like to join us? Click to request an invitation if you haven’t received one yet.

Hotel capacity is limited, so confirmed space will be decided on a first come, first served basis.

uni-ball BLX pens

Monday, July 8th, 2013


Experience BLX from Uni-Ball!

BLX ink is black ink tinted with color and gives a sleek, sophisticated take on your writing. Uni-Ball’s current blue-black ink outsells blue ink 2-1 and the new BLX colors
will drive sales with pen enthusiasts looking for the next unique thing in writing. BLX writing system is now available in blue-black, red-black, brown-black, purple-black and green-black. Contact your MacPherson’s sales rep for more details on the SA1862366 -Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX Pen Assortment Display.

Come Check Out the NEW Montana BLACK Markers and Inks at NAMTA!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011


Montana BLACK Markers and Inks are the HOTTEST new product line to hit the Urban Art category in 2011. A full range offering aluminum-cased, paint-based and dye-based markers with various tips are complimented by an offering of fluid inks. Suitable for use on canvas, objects, and outdoors, this new extension of the Montana BLACKline is sure to expand the possibilities for Urban Art! Be among the first in the US to preview this new product range at the Montana booth # 1141 at NAMTA!

Chroma Update

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Chroma is proud to announce the semi-finalists and popular choice winner from Round 2 of its International Student Art Competition. Students from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom were chosen as winners.  These students used Archival Oils, A>2 Art Students’ Acrylics and Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics to create these beautiful  artworks.  Particular congratulations go to semi-finalist Thomas Everitt,  whose painting Reminisce, was selected as the popular choice winner!  The deadline to enter Round 3 is July 31, so encourage a student you know to enter today! To view all the award-winning works, click below. To enter the contest, visit

Chroma has uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel on painting grounds. Learn about the importance of painting grounds,  and the differences between Chroma’s Atelier Gesso, Atelier Liquid Gesso and Binder Medium by clicking below.

Strathmore: VOTE for Your Favorite Green Art

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Cast your vote for the winner of the Strathmore illustration contest!  The semi-finalists have been chosen for the How Do You See Green Illustration Contest?! Vote online for your favorite entries and give an artist the chance to have their original artwork featured on the cover of the special edition Strathmore Premium Recycled Pads. One of the semi-finalists might be your customer.  Show your support by voting now at Vote Your Favorite Now!


ProMarker – 56 New Colors, New Lower Price, New Deeper Discount!

Monday, December 14th, 2009


The ProMarker range has been expanded from 92 colors to a full, well-rounded range of 148 colors. These professional quality, alcohol-based twin-tip markers combine superior color performance with a NEW lower price tag of just $2.75 each! On top of that, ProMarker also has a new deeper discount!

ProMarker has been catching on like wildfire in Europe, especially with crafters and manga artists. The product is becoming so popular with consumers that it has even spawned a Facebook fan page (I ♥ ProMarker) and also a fan-written blog!

Promarker Challenge Blog

Being an affordable, high performance marker, ProMarker is ideal for everyone from recreational artists to stampers, scrapbookers, students, illustrators and more. Comparison tests have also shown that is holds on average 78% more ink than competitive brand samples, making it an even greater value.

The expanded ProMarker range will be available with new displays from January – ask your MacPherson’s rep for more details!


Cards for a Good Cause: Offer NAMTA Notecards in Your Store

Thursday, December 10th, 2009


Support Emerging Artists!
Our industry depends on the artists of the future. The NAMTA Foundation‘s mission is to award scholarships to emerging talents and teachers, allowing them to buy art supplies, pay tuition, and otherwise support their art.

This Blank Notecard Display includes 24 packs of 8 cards & envelopes, each featuring artwork by some of the NAMTA Foundation‘s 2008-2009 scholarship recipients. There are 2 each of the 4 designs shown in each pack. The net price for the display is $154.56, FOB Charlotte, NC, so each pack nets out at $6.44 plus freight. Sell them them at $12.99 or even $9.99 and make a decent profit while you help a great cause. To place your order call NAMTA at 704-892-6247, or fax 704-892-6247. Refill packs of cards are available. Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted.

Montana Hardcore Marker Demo, Louisville, KY

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Bill Cavanagh of CC Lowell in Worcester, MA approached me at the NAMTA convention last week with a simple proposition. Any new product that we introduce ought to have a short YouTube demo video that retailers can use in email blast marketing (Constant Comment) to educate customers and thereby create interest and ultimately sales. There is a beautiful simplicity to the idea and what better place to test it out than at the mother of all art supply gatherings, the annual NAMTA convention.

So I whipped out my Lumix point and shoot camera, with HD video capability, and shot Mel Waters doing a “bubble” letter style marker demo. Short and sweet, it gets the job done. Judge for yourself and feel free to visit the YouTube site to get the embed code so you can start using in your own “guerilla marketing”. Oh, and don’t forget to order the hot Hardcore Markers that Mel is showing off!

FYI, note on the the “HD” button on the YouTube menu bar. Click it if you have fast internet connection to get a much higher quality image.

First Look at NAMTA Louisville!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009


So… How was it at the 59th annual convention of the art material industry? That is the question everyone asked when I got back to the office. Wellllllll… what do you want first, the good news or the bad? Let’s start with the “not so good”. While pre-registrations showed that the number of retailers (buying companies) was slightly up compared to last year, the number of pre-registered people was down. In this catastrophic recession that makes a lot of sense. Companies need to save money on air travel, lodging and the like by reducing headcount, but they also want to make sure that they don’t miss out entirely on all the great new products, deals and networking opportunities. Tom Richards from Chartpak made an observation that resonated with me, on the show and its seemingly low population of retail personel. For him it was a great show because the buyers who came represented at least 90% of the sales of art materials in the U.S.A. Tom‘s optimism and positive attitude reflected the general atmosphere at the show.


Enough of that, what about the good? I could write a book, but for starters the free NAMTA breakfast meetings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were full of valuable information opportunities, some scary and some not so. On Thursday we heard about the scary CPSIA legislation from a Washington insider, got a report on the status of artists in the USA workforce from an National Endowment for the Arts expert, got Sid Smith’s Environmental Scan, a fascinating look at changes we are likely to see in consumer behavior as a result of the recession and lastly heard nature artist Wyland wax on about how a semi-talented, “save the whales” visionary can get ridiculously rich  rich in America. On Friday, the theme was the NAMTA General Session and Annual Meeting where for the first time printed reports on the status of our trade association  were made available. We’re doing great financially thanks to Executive Director Sid Smith and his marvelous staff! So rather than bore us with the numbers, they took the time to celebrate the career and contribution of Jeff Goldfarb of A.I. Friedman in NY who was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his years of service in support of our association. Lifetime achievement awards were bestowed upon Zora Pinney and Claudia Myers and we heard a fascination panel of industry retailers, reps, wholesalers, domestic and international suppliers discuss the challenges and complexities of the global supply chain.

As for the exhibits and the rest of the show,  I will use the words of our stellar Northwest rep, Catherine Thoele, talking from the MacPherson’s perspective:

“The MacPherson’s NAMTA deals were concise and were rewarded quickly with the Mac Bucks (which boosted the Louisville economy) and made the dealers SMILE!”


We held a VIP dinner event on Wednesday night at the Glassworks studio in Louisville and it was our best event ever! Thanks go to Rachel Thompson, our manager of trade show events. Retailers loved blowing their own glass ornaments and watching the comedy around the activity!


The NAMTA President’s Reception was another smash event. Held at the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs, the walls were still buzzing about Mine that Bird’s miraculous 50:1 win at this years derby. The food, drinks and conversation made the evening truly memorable. After it was over, a group of intrepid souls walked over to the track to imagine past races and bask in the sultry spring weather and full moon.

bio_chipwoolleySpeaking of this Mine that Bird, trainer Bennie Woolley Jr. was spotted at the Louisville Holiday Inn’s bar, posing for photos and signing autographs. It turns out  he was “hangin'” until he decided whether he wanted to drive his horse all the way to the Preakness in Baltimore, MD!


Friday evening, after the busiest day at the show, MacPherson’s hosted our annual Beer Bash, this year with a Bluegrass theme. Everyone was there to unwind and enjoy the the Bluegrass band, Hickory & Friends. The event was sponsored by our terrific suppliers: 3M, Ampersand, Art Alternatives, Borden & Riley, C&T Publications, Canson, Chartpak, Chroma, ColArt, Creative Catalog Concepts (CCC), Crescent, DaVinci Brush, Daler-Rowney, Delta of North America, Elmer’s, Gamblin, General Pencil, Golden, Grafix, Holbein, Kolo, Krylon, Kunst & Papier, Lefranc & Bourgeois, Letraset, M.A.B.E.F., Montana Cans, Okido, Princeton Brush, RGM, Royal Brush, Sakura, Sanford, S.O.S., Speedball, STABILO, Strathmore/Pacon, and Yasutomo. Special thanks go  Krylon, the official sponsors of the band!

Saturday morning, before the show opened for the last day, MacPherson’s held an intimate Retailer feedback breakfast to find out what products and trends were considered the hottest. Read our additional posts and see what a select and influential group of independent retailers had to say.

In the meantime, enjoy some authentic Bluegrass by checking out the video taken at the Beer Bash!

Elmer’s News, March 2009

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Along with a back to basics approach for retail purchasing and merchandising being keys for success in this challenging economy, selective new product additions can be truly instrumental in delivering incremental sales and in helping to refresh basic product categories. To that end, be on the lookout for these exciting new product additions from Elmer’s. They will all be included in your MacPherson’s sales rep’s next SMIAB.

x-acto-black-designer-knife·  X-ACTO Black Designer Series Knife. The bar has been raised for X-ACTO Knives  in terms of style, comfort, and ergonomic design.  This brand new, consumer-friendly knife received rave reviews from all types of users, including graphic artists, students, industrial workers and amateurs during field testing and at focus groups. The Designer Knife features a soft comfortable grip, an ergonomic handle, and a rear blade release. It is available in a blister carded package and comes with a safety cap.

·  X-ACTO Pink Gripster. The popular line of colored Gripster Knives has been extended, with a vibrant shade of pink being the newest member of the family. Take advantage of this new introduction to reach out to customers who are looking for something with flair. The Gripster is perfect for delicate precision cutting of lightweight materials such as paper, plastic, balsa, cloth, photos, and more. This is also a great item to clip strip and/or cross merchandise in your paper crafting section.

ultimate-glue-precision-tip-image·  Elmer’s Precision Tip Ultimate Glue. This is Elmer’s most high performance glue and it bonds metal, stone, wood, and more. It’s 100% waterproof and is both sandable and paintable. It features a mess-free recloseable tube and a new innovative precision tip for better control and pin-point application. The product is carded and is .5 fl. oz.

New Packaging for Elmer’s Spray Adhesives. Both Elmer’s and Craft Bond spray cans will soon be sporting a brand new look. They have the same great formula, but the spray cans  have been redesigned with an appealing new ergonomic shape that provides for an easy grip and additional control. There is also a wide nozzle for true no-mess application. Look for the new packaging to be shipping in the very near future.

Fun Facts from Elmer’s

  • It is estimated that over 47 million elementary school students use Elmer’s Glue on a weekly basis
  • It takes 5 seconds to fill a 4 oz. bottle of glue
  • elmers5Elmer’s Glue is the color white because of the natural reaction of the raw materials used to make the glue
  • Elmer’s Glue was used to build a pasta bridge that could support 2,350 lbs.  The bridge was built by a high school student and was the winning entry in a pasta-bridge building contest held in Rhode Island.

Wishing everyone good selling and a fun and productive Spring!

Industry News

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

img_0047Gregg Samson has left Moore Push Pin Co; The company revealed that he wanted to move in other directions. We wish him all the best for his valiant efforts to make this all American picture hanging manufacturer a vibrant and dynamic company.

Don Dow of Artograph reports that his daughter Jennea had a baby  on February 11th. The boy (Drew) was 9 ½ lbs and both are doing great.

mussini_paintIt’s Official:
Effective immediately, Chartpak will have the exclusive North American distribution rights to the premium brands of Schmincke. The premium brands include Mussini Artist Oils, Horadam Watercolor and Gouache, Schmincke Artist Pastels. “These brands compliment our Grumbacher premium artist brands” stated p1000126Steven W. Roth, President and CEO of Chartpak.

The Grumbacher and Schmincke relationship dates back to the early 1900s. Grumbacher distributed Schmincke colors until World War II when Grumbacher began to manufacture its own line of premium colors in the United States. “This renewed partnership is a continuation of our mission to provide artists with the best art materials the world has to offer,” said Mr. Roth.

crafty_540Stuart AitkenOn Valentines Saturday, National Public Radio reported that about 25,000 people nationwide went to the card-making event at Michaels stores.  Stuart Aitken, the company’s chief marketing officer says that a bad economy can be good for craft sales. “During down economies, customers tend to go back to basics, and Arts and crafts are the most basic form.” says Aitken. Listen to the actual audio report by clicking here:

NPR “Get Crafty” on Valentines Day

50978239In related news, Michaels CEO Brian Cornell announced that Philo Pappas will be joining the company on February 23 as Executive Vice President – Category Management. Philo is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire  and brings 27 years of retail merchandising from such companies as Lechmere, Tweeter, The May Company, and Staples. Reporting directly to Philo will be Eric Dickenson, Patty Fletcher, Rich Gartmann, Kathy Lacks, David Mitchell, Alison Norton and Becky Velez.

Crayola Wins Two Toy of the Year Awards! In New York City last week, Crayola won its first ever Toy of the Year Award (TOTY) Award) from the Toy Industry Association during its annual award ceremony to recognize the industry’s best and most innovative toys.  pic00288Color Wonder Magic Light Brush won Activity Toy of the Year, which recognizes a toy that inspires creative play through various forms of activity.  pic30106In addition, Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk took home the TOTY for Outdoor Toy for the Year, which focuses on toys designed for outdoor play.

CPSIA Update, Feb 11th

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

The CPSC has (finally!) issued some guidelines for meeting the new CPSIA regulations. Small business and resellers will find the Guide quite helpful in determing what can be sold at this point in time. MacPherson’s continues to document compliance each product we sell under the Art Alternatives, Okido and SOS brands, and we continue to collect information for every distributed brand’s products, too. Be assured that if MacPherson’s hears of any non-compliant products in our inventory we will alert you immediately. The Guide can be found on NAMTA’s web site by following this link:

Guide to the Consumer Product  Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

CPSIA Update – Feb 9, 2009

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Here’s more news from the CPSC that came in Friday afternoon.

The CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) has stated that it  cannot change or delay implementation of the 2/10/09 lead limits. However, it has noted the following:

• That the CPSC is currently investigating wood, cotton, wool and certain  metals and alloys that have consistently tested below 300ppm lead. Until it makes its final ruling on these materials, the Commission  will not prosecute manufacturers, importers, distributors or retailers selling children’s products made of these materials unless knowingly have more than 600ppm lead.

Product classes whose lead content is consistently below 300ppm lead (the August 2009 limit) include:
– ordinary children’s books printed after 1985
– dyed or undyed textiles (not including leather, vinyl or PVC), and non-metallic threads and trim, unless they have undergone further treatment that may impart lead, are ornamented by rhinestones, metal and other objects, or have metal or plastic fasteners that may contain lead.

• That the new lead limits do not apply to component parts that are inaccessible during normal and reasonably foreseeable use and abuse. Paint and similar coatings are not considered to be barriers making underlying components inaccessible. Until inaccessibility guidance is finalized, the Commission will accept a manufacturer’s determination that a part is inaccessible if based on reasonable interpretation.

Special thanks to Steve Berger and the other folks at CHA who made it easy for many of us to write Congress asking for a 6-month delay of the 2/10/2009 implementation of the new lead and phthalate minimums. The Congress is discussing this issue today.

Holbein Coming Soon to MacPherson’s

Friday, January 16th, 2009

We are pleased to announce that beginning in February,  MacPherson’s will be stocking a very complete selection of the popular Holbein Artist’s Colors.

In the words of Tim Hopper, Sales VP for HK Holbein, “Holbein sells no entry level paint. Our founder believed that students who start out with inferior paints will have to overcome unnecessary obstacles in reaching their creative potential and therefore it is a false economy. The company employs 12 color chemists who have achieved astonishing results across 12 lines of artist colors. Extra care has been taken in the formulation of our paints to achieve uniform consistency between colors regardless of the varying pigments used. The result is an unrivaled painting experience.”

MacPherson’s will stock in excess of 1,500 skus from color lines that include:

  • Artist Watercolors in 15ml tubes, HWC (108 colors that contain no Oxgall, giving greater creative control)
  • Artist Oil Colors-AOC (147 colors, 11 transparent glazing colors, 4 foundation colors and 6 whites)
  • Duo Aqua Oil Colors, the only artist grade water-soluble oil available (100 highly pigmented colors that are cleaned up using soap and water)
  • Irodori Antique Watercolors (48 colors manufactured to replicate 1,500 year old Japanese palette)
  • Acryla Gouache (107 highly pigmented Acrylic-based colors in 20ml tubes that dry to the same mat finish as Holbein Designer Gouache)
  • Acryla Acrylic Colors (78 colors in 40 ml tubes)
  • Mat Acrylic Colors (36 intensely pigmented colors in 100ml tubes)
  • Aeroflash Liquid Acrylic Colors (64 pigmented acrylic resin based colors in 35ml “drop top” jars – 22 Transparent, 28 Opaque & 14 Pearl Iridescents. These amazing paints will not clog a .1 mm airbrush tip and work fine in a technical pen.
  • Artist Oil Pastels (141 colors in a square stick format, they feel like fine chalk only without the dust!)
  • Soft Pastels (144 colors, soft powder richness with incredible blending and covering power)
  • Drawing Inks (13 brilliant colors in 30ml jars)
  • And more!… like Maxon Chalk Markers, Holbein 1188 Tie Spiral-Bound Journals, Glitter Paint, Gesso Colors, etc.

Canvas Shlepper Display – 70% Off!

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The original Canvas Shlepper from Fresh Art Products allows you to transport your art with ease. It clips securely to the back of the canvas frame for easy handling and transporting of your work, and you can snap two Shleppers back-to-back to carry two canvases at once. You can also use the Shlepper to hang your canvas with push-pins for instant mounting for critiques and studio painting. Or fasten a shoulder strap or rope to free up your hands. No tools are required, and the Shlepper fits standard 3/4″ stretched canvas. Now you can get this unique and fantastic product at an amazing price! The original Shlepper Assorted Color Display (item # MVSH0005) is being discontinued, and is offered at a deep 70% off discount ($0.99 net). This is the best price ever seen on this useful tool. 18 Shleppers come in each colorful cardboard display, and you need to order in carton quantities. The clear original Shlepper (#MVSH0006) is is not being discontinued.

Industry News – Product Scoop!

Monday, January 5th, 2009

From the “You Heard It Here First” Department

Prismacolor will introduce a new line of Soft Pastels during the 1st quarter of 2009. You will see them advertised in the MacPherson’s Spring Buyers Guide. Your MacPherson’s rep will have all the details as soon as they become available.

Industry News

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Highly respected industry veteran Tim Fallihee has announced his retirement from Pentel after 30 years with the company. The company has named Mike Cappadocia, the current Director of Sales, as Fallihee’s successor.

Higgins Ink is in full production at Chartpak’s Leeds, MA facility. In less than a month’s time from the initial acquisition of Higgins Ink from Sanford Corporation, Higgins Ink manufacturing is 100% integrated and running full time. Chartpak purchased the Higgins brand as a part of its strategic expansion in the ink product line; to accelerate organizational competencies and ink production synergies; provide broader market access as well as position the Higgins, Koh-I-Noor and Pelikan brands to take advantage of emerging trends in the marketplace. Tom Richards, VP of Sales and Marketing, states, “The Higgins acquisition provides Chartpak with higher production capacity, as well as improved utilization of our engineering and marketing departments. For the full line of Higgins, Koh-I-Noor and Pelikan inks please contact your MacPherson’s Rep, or Steve Rossney ( for details.

Art Attack in Ypsilanti, MI has decided to close its doors.

The Charlotte Regional Air Quality Board has awarded Elmer’s Products Inc. in Statesville NC the 2008 Outstanding New Partner for Clean Air Works! This award is given to the company who best uses available resources to influence employees to use various commute options, reduce trips, and retool operations and maintenance activities promoting clean air. Applicants were judged on the robustness and effectiveness of their first-year programs, their effort, and commitment to the Clean Air Works. In addition, new Partners of the Clean Air Works! recognized Elmer’s Products Inc. with an innovation award for the company’s high efficiency light bulb purchase program.

Last month we announced the addition of Seth Golden to Golden’s sales team. Seth is responsible for the activities of all accounts in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest territory.  Here is his contact information:
Seth Golden
740 Pearl St. #505
Denver CO, 80203
Cell: 607-353-2735

The New York Times recently published an article entitled “For Craft Sales, the Recession Is a Help”, spotlighting the fact that the arts and crafts retail sector may be benefiting from cash strapped consumers this holiday season. Making your own presents is not only cost effective, but also reflects something very personal about the gift givers.
Check it out For Craft Sales, the Recession Is a Help