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2021 Art Dog Collage

As we round out the year, the Art Dog team compiles images of dog art and dogs that inspire us. This 2021 Art Dog Collage is a miniature reflection of our creative team:

In the corners are stickers that Cindy Shih, our social media marketing specialist, made with her niece to fundraise for her local food bank. They are based on her pup, Barley, and helped raise over $700!

On the left is Potter, November’s Art Dog of the Month! Lauren Sunila, our brand manager, let us know her nickname is “Raka Taka” and she’s obsessed with sticks and pine cones.

On the right is Huey, October’s Art Dog of the Month! Lacey Elia, our brand manager, let us know that Huey is a professional couch potato but loves long walks on the Santa Cruz beach.

The two dog portraits (top and bottom) were created by Hannah Reineck, our web content and graphic design specialist. They are painted using acrylics on wood panels, and brought joy to both the recipients and the artist.

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